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General Corporate

Malik Law Group’s general corporate attorney services extend to a number of related issues that touch upon securities, investment adviser, commodity pool operator, and commodity trading adviser law:

Drafting and review of confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, sub-adviser agreements, “big boy” letters, letters of intent, purchase-sale agreements, and other documents

Negotiating the terms of investment management agreements

Conducting due diligence on private companies and management

Reviewing the credentials of solicitors and brokers

In summary, Malik Law Group provides representation on a number of general corporate issues that face funds, managers, and investors alike.

Examples of Transactions:

Establishing corporate entities (e.g., limited liability companies, limited partnerships) to serve as holding companies, investment adviser entities, and private lending companies;

Drafting a non-disclosure and profit-sharing agreement related to proprietary securities trading software;

Conducting due diligence on a private Canadian technology company as the issuer of a security on behalf of a prospective investor;

Drafting a loan agreement on behalf of an investment fund;

Drafting and negotiation of a letter of intent and side letter agreement between a SEC RIA and a large Russian seed capital investor;

Negotiating the terms of sub-investment advisory agreements;

Filing for certificates of authority for foreign companies doing business in U.S. states, including New York among others; and

Establishment of a Cayman Islands exempted company as an investment (commodities) manager clearing through a Swiss execution and clearing platform.