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Private Equity and Venture Capital

Malik Law Group’s services regarding private equity and venture capital include:

Ascertaining whether certain transactions prompt the need for a private equity and venture capital vehicle with respect to the manager’s and their prospective investors’ needs

Determining the proper jurisdiction (U.S. or International) and organizing the legal entities accordingly

Preparing the relevant organizational and offering documents, including operating agreements, limited partnership agreements, private placement memoranda, subscription documents, side letter agreements and compensation agreements

Filing all documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. state securities divisions in accordance with Rule 506 or other private offering exemptions, including Form D and related “blue sky” filings

Tailoring the fund to a manager’s proprietary investment program, including specific strategies, markets, and asset classes

Assisting the manager in concluding agreements with brokers, administrators, custodians, and other service providers

Ensuring the fund meets investors’ needs and addresses their concerns

Handling the fund’s ongoing regulatory and legal compliance

Adapting the fund’s structure or terms to address changing conditions

Drafting side letter agreements or amending documents to accommodate strategic investors

For investors, conducting thorough due diligence on private equity and venture capital offerings and their management

In summary, Malik Law Group provides comprehensive legal support to the manager during their fund’s set-up and launch process and ongoing compliance and regulatory support thereafter.

Examples of Transactions:

Organization and representation of funds and their managers with the following strategies employed: Venture Capital – Seed Stage, Early Stage, and Late Stage, Buy-Out,

Mezzanine Financing, and Distressed Securities/Debt, including funds focusing on healthcare, infrastructure, and small-cap turnaround companies; and

Providing assistance in negotiations with large or strategic investors.